Bev Moir

It’s Time for Lung Cancer Awareness and Support to Come Out of the Shadows!

Following a stage 4 lung cancer diagnosis in 2019, I’ve received excellent care at Sunnybrook and benefited from advanced diagnostic testing. The testing showed that my particular genetic mutation, called a biomarker, allows me to receive a targeted therapy that ‘finds’ my mutated cancer cells wherever they are in my body. For me, it’s a …

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From Tragic to Hopeful

As the leading cause of cancer death for Canadian men and women, lung cancer has a poor image. It needs reframing. I’m willing to be one of its poster children because I want to change how we think about lung cancer. It didn’t take long for me to understand that my stigmatized view of lung …

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Have you thought of your lungs lately?

Every November, people recognize Lung Cancer Awareness Month and advocate for the challenges arising from a lung cancer diagnosis. This recognition makes a difference for patients, their caregivers, family, and friends. Pauline Chan, Health Reporter, CTV News, recently highlighted the event. Please look, you may recognize someone! According to the recent Canadian Cancer Society statistics …

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Bev Moir Ontario Lung Screening Program

Ontario Lung Screening Program

Greetings to each of you! With the arrival of vaccines and warmer weather, thankfully the lockdown is closer to being relaxed. Hallelujah! Progress Update My health news is excellent. The daily pill works; my tumors are still 70% smaller and there is no disease progression. I am “medically stable”! This summer, I’ll be golfing, power-walking, …

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Testing at the Level of the Gene

Testing at the Level of the Gene

Hi Everyone! Thank you for your interest in following my progress. I’m delighted to report my daily targeted therapy, a pill, continues to work. The tumors remain 70% smaller and there’s no evidence of disease progression. I feel well, I’m active, and I’m happy. Also, I’m tremendously grateful for recent advances in cancer research that …

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Bev Moir

Hello Friends!

Dear Friends, Who could have imagined that after I retired in early February, the world would change so dramatically? In the intervening months, I have enjoyed your many calls, emails, and notes. Thank you! It was so nice to hear from you! I understand many are interested in a brief update of my situation and …

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Bev’s Retirement Party

On February 13, 2020 The Rosedale office of Scotia Wealth held a retirement party for Bev. Thank you to everyone who attended. Watch Bev’s thank you speech!


After 26 years at Scotia Wealth Management in a wealth advisory role I loved, and many years prior in health care, it’s time to enjoy retirement! The new flexibility in my life excites me. Time with family and friends and hobbies, including golf, tennis, power-walking, reading, and travel, are high on the to-do list! A …

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