Bev Moir

It’s Time for Lung Cancer Awareness and Support to Come Out of the Shadows!

Following a stage 4 lung cancer diagnosis in 2019, I’ve received excellent care at Sunnybrook and benefited from advanced diagnostic testing. The testing showed that my particular genetic mutation, called a biomarker, allows me to receive a targeted therapy that ‘finds’ my mutated cancer cells wherever they are in my body. For me, it’s a daily pill that I’ll continue to take as long as it’s working. Because of this precision, the tumours in my lungs remain smaller and controlled. Yea! Three years later, I’m active, happy and grateful to be alive.

I’m determined to give back by turning a challenging situation into good. Last year, my husband and I formed a committee from the Ladies’ Golf Club to spearhead a golfing fundraiser. We’re back with our second annual ‘Crush it with Bev!’ golf event on Wednesday, September 14th . Please consider registering as a single, twosome, or foursome, donating to our cause, or sponsoring our event. All support is needed and much appreciated. If you are already registered or have made a donation, Thank you!

Long in the shadows, there’s more excitement in the global lung cancer community as new treatment approaches and drug classes are developed for both small-cell and non-small cell lung cancer. Lung cancer is increasingly becoming a biomarker-driven disease to determine the best treatment modality. Because of this progress, health care specialists, patients and their loved ones feel more hopeful.

Read more about the impact of our contribution here: Bev Moir is ‘crushing it’ for cancer research.

Have a wonderful summer and stay healthy.