Jessica Chard and Bev Moir

Transitioning Clients to a New Wealth Advisor

After 26 years as a wealth advisor, I knew my clients well and cared deeply about who would take care of them on my retirement. Fortunately I was able to consider many potential options and met with several advisors to explore possibilities.

In planning my departure, an important consideration was to provide the least disruption possible and the best possible advisor fit for each client. Also, an important criterion was to ensure continuity for Mark Hale, my valued colleague for the last ten years. I knew that Mark’s knowledge of our clients’ needs, goals and preferences would provide valuable continuity for our clients and he would be a strong addition to the acquiring Advisor Team.

I wanted a Scotia Wealth Advisor Team best suited to my clients and most closely aligned with our Moir Team values. Integrity, experience, work ethic, and a commitment to working in our clients’ best interests were important selection criteria.

After careful and thoughtful consideration, we chose the Scotia Wealth Management team led by Jessica Chard, a 20+ year veteran in the firm. She is a well respected colleague who works out of Toronto and Oakville. She and her team look after their clients with integrity, and share our belief in a disciplined, balanced and conservative approach to managing clients’ financial well-being. The Chard Group believes in the value of comprehensive wealth planning and offers this to all clients. They are professionals who focus on client service excellence, which I admire.

It was a privilege to work with so many wonderful clients over the last 26 years and I wanted to repay their trust and support by finding the most closely aligned team possible. Feedback from clients has been very supportive. Thank you to the clients who have told me they appreciate the care I took in finding my replacement and how they trusted my decision.

Here’s a link to the Chard Group for further information about this amazing Team.