What is WealthFIT

Our lives are full of lots of moving parts: family, health, work, finances, the list goes on and is very encompassing. When we consider our overall wealth, our approach is to integrate it into your overall lifestyle – something we’ve coined wealthFIT. Our approach is focused around exploring with you how to help you get your finances in great shape and then build upon that. We will help you get your financial portfolio to hit the peak fit(ness) level to help you reach your wealth goals.

Finding Out What Kind of Shape Your Finances Are In

Women are master multi-taskers. We can run companies, build careers, are wives and mothers, athletes and take care of just about anything that faces us with efficiency, grace, speed, style and with results.

However, as fit as we are in many area of our lives, when it comes to being financially fit, sometimes it is a challenge. Often, it is not until much later in our lives (or when something drastic happens to disrupt the daily rhythm) that we stop and consider what our money situation is. Or could be.

We know the value of saving a little aside for a “rainy day”, but what about all the sunny days? Which, actually, are far more in number. Our team takes the wealthFIT approach – being financially aware and working to grow your personal wealth for every type of climate.

Take our wealthFIT Challenge and learn more about where you are at and how we can help out.

How Fit is Your Wealth? The wealthFIT Workout.

How do you do your wealthFIT workout?

Yogi – are you methodical and relaxed about your finances with overall longer-term goals?.
Runner – are you about gaining speed, faster results and hitting shorter term goals?
Tennis Player – are you about stopping and evaluating the next move, striking out and waiting and then practicing to evaluate the return?

Regardless of the type of investor and financial planner you are, we’ve created a 6-step questionnaire to help you evaluate where you are at to help us work with you to become wealthFIT.

It’s simple: connect with us and we will go through the 6-Steps with you to evaluate how to take on becoming wealthFIT.

The wealthFIT Challenge 6-Steps

1. What kind of FITness shape are your finances in right now?
– we will help you develop a stronger understanding of your overall wealth
2. What are you currently doing to be wealthFIT?
– we will examine all of your financial actions as of now from daily budgeting to retirement planning
3. Considering a personal trainer? What are you looking for in a financial advisor team?
– we know our approach, and we can work with you to ensure that we are the right team fit for you
4. Review your enhanced FITness workout routine.
– we will work through everything and make recommendations and suggestions
5. Time to put your FITness workout plan to the test.
– we will work to help you act on the recommendations and take action
6. How are you progressing toward your FITness goals? Look at what can be tweaked and tailored to increase Whealthier muscles.
– we will refine, review your strategy and continuously evolve it to help you grow

Tips to Keep Your Finances in Healthy Shape

• Talk to your kids about finances. You can start this at any age, but help build a family of understanding around wealth.
• Know that growing your finances is about planning and considering your goals. List out your financial goals for the present, 5 years from now, 10 years from now and for retirement.
• Make talking about money enjoyable and not stressful. Don’t put a lot of pressure around it, look at interesting articles and blogs and share what you learn.
• Look at your finances regularly. Don’t leave it until tax time to evaluate where you are at. A monthly, or even weekly review can be very advantageous to keeping you wealthFIT and avoiding stress once a year.
• Ask for insight and help from a professional team. Yes, just like us. We know that being able to have multiple options and ideas is important when looking at your overall wealth management.